White Room

This is an extract from a horror script I wrote for a cinema workshop.

NOTE: Charlie and Logan are brothers they are into a house threatening a family.  Logan has killed Sarah’s father. Charlie is an undercover police.

*Strong language*


Charlie and Sarah are together. She’s shaking nervously, her hands are trembling. He takes her by her shoulders and screams to her.


I’m a fucking cop Sarah!

Sarah looks at him with fear in her eyes. She moves her look from Charlie’s eyes, she’s looking at someone else.


You bastard!

Charlie turns around protecting Sarah and facing his brother. Logan is pointing Charlie with his rifle. Charlie takes his gun fastly from the worktop.

                    CHARLIE (To Sarah)


Sarah runs out of the kitchen.

Both brothers shoot each other. Charlie wounds Logan in the arm but Logan shoots his brother in the throat.

Charlie falls down and dies drowning with his own blood. Logan spits to his dead brother’s body and walks out of the kitchen looking for Sarah.

                    LOGAN (Screaming)

You can’t hide from me bitch!

He goes upstairs and gets into a room which door is half open.



Logan enters into the white room. On the floor there are marbles, he stumbles and falls down dropping his rifle which moves far from his hands.

Sarah is hidden inside a wardrobe. We see Logan from her POV.

A woman floating approaches to Logan very slowly (Logan’s POV). She’s covered with a black lace veil.

We don’t see her face but we can identify the necklace she holds between her fingers in her left hand: a sharp necklace feather-shaped. Logan stares at the necklace, it’s Lucie, his former girlfriend.

                    LOGAN (Scared)


Logan doesn’t move, he’s frozen with fear.

Lucie comes nearer.

He didn’t expect Lucie to be there, he’s in shock.

He takes off the veil and we see her putrid face, a face full of bruises.


What the fuck…?

He tries to run away but Lucie grabs him by his wounded arm with her left hand.

Her nails press his wound, the blood covers Lucie’s hand and her necklace.

With a supernatural strength Lucie breaks his arm and makes him knee in pain.

She releases his arm and takes Logan’s face softly with her right hand forcing him to look at her.

Lucie stabs Logan’s eyes with the necklace blinding him. Logan screams.

Lucie takes the rifle, she pushes the trigger and shoots Logan in his chest killing him.

Logan’s dead body falls back.

We see a little boy juggling with marbles, he was behind Logan. Observing the whole scene.

The child moves his hands graciously and Lucie’s body falls, he’s been controlling her.

The kid with a neutral look at his face comes near Logan and puts two green and red marbles in his eyes socket.

The boy goes to the window before he leaves he leads a look to the closet where Sarah is hidden. She stares at him and sees how the little child heads to the big window and goes thought it.

crimson peak
Source: Crimson Peak

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