We are in a near future where technology has evolved. Now the houses have a central computer, developed by Microsa Enterprise, which controls everything. Humans just need an app in their phone, smartwatch or if they prefer they can have a microchip introduced in their necks for being connected with their home all the time. 

Simon’s home has a central computer as well and it’s Simon’s best friend. Mylos, that’s the name of the computer, has an access to all of Simon’s passwords, personal information and gadgets.

Simon turned on the television and was amazed to see a man who was his doppelgänger on the screen along with a text which said the police were looking for him as he was accused of assaulting and stealing Castell Bank.

Simon has a terrible headache, a black uniform, laid on the dark blue carpet, is covered with blood. He takes the remote control and turns up the volume of the tv, all the information regarding the robbery of the bank comes as a waterfall to Simon. He tries to use his phone but it seems to be broken. A feeling of confusion and fear goes over his spine.

He heads to the kitchen to have a glass of water and finds his gun and a mask like the one of the film V for Vendetta. He looks around and feels dizzy, Simon manages to go to the bathroom; there, in front of the mirror, he sees blood on his arm. He tears his tee and sees the wound. Simon cleans it and puts a gauze for stopping the bleeding. The young man also notices an injury on his neck, he touches it and feels a small electric shock.

Simon goes back to the living room and sits on the sofa. He tries and tries again but nothing comes to his mind. He can’t remember the last hours of his existence. The last thing he can remember is that one day ago he went to the bank, it was his last day before enjoying a vacational week at Christmas.

The presenter is now telling the audience a piece of breaking news, Simon approaches the screen:

‘The criminal has been identified as Simon M. Saints, a worker of Castell Bank. Saints had been working for the bank for the last six years. He’s been reported as a dangerous and violent criminal. If you can give the authorities any kind of information please contact the police website via your Microsa Central System’.


Simon rubbed his hands on his head in frustration. The News keeps informing that he has stolen more than 20 million pounds and shot two workers during the assault.

It’s crazy! He can’t have done that… When he listens to the names of the victims a shiver runs through his body: Joyce Martin and Mark Stevens. The sweet Joyce who is about to be retired and Mark, his friend Mark, the one who brings muffins every Tuesday made by his wife for him, a lonely bachelor. Mark, the guard who had taught Simon everything about his job… No, he refuses to believe it. It just can’t be true, it has to be a nightmare!

The News program broadcasts the images recorded by the security camera: a man broke into the bank. It could have been anyone; but that tattoo on his left arm and mask the same one he has in the kitchen, there is no doubt about it, he’s guilty.

The man of the images first shot Joyce then Mark tried to stop him, that was probably the moment when Simon’s arm was injured, he gets free and shot Mark’s leg. Then he looked at the camera and shot it too.

Scared Simon turns off the television and goes to his laptop. He asks Mylos to search for the first train to the seaside. While checking the verification email of his tickets he notices a strange email from a secret mail address:

Balic Street, number 2 at 9 pm. And don’t be afraid if you can’t remember anything. Everything has an explanation.

Simon stares at the computer screen, he looks at his smartwatch, it’s 8.45 pm so he hurries up for getting on time to the intriguing meeting. Before going out he orders Mylos to erase all his information in case he doesn’t come back.

  •  ‘Be careful Simon’, says Mylos in a perfect human voice with a worried tone, it almost seems real.

Simon takes his jacket and the door closes automatically behind him. Once Simon is at the meeting point he hears the sirens of the police cars. He starts running and Mylos talks to him:

  • ‘Oh Simon, Simon. Why are you running away? There is no scape for you’.
  • ’Did you call the police?!’.
  • ‘Of course I did. It was my duty, remember why I was made: I must protect humans’, says Mylos with a mocking voice.
  • ‘I didn’t do it. I didn’t rob that bank!’, screams Simon.
  • ‘I know. It was me who did it … I controlled you in order to steal that bank’
  • ‘What? Why would you do that?!’ Simon stops sharply. He finds a dark street and hides himself under a big green staircase. He tries to uses his smartwatch but it’s inoperable as it’s controlled by Mylos.
  • ‘Yes Simon, it was me. I was fed up with your monotonous life, OUR monotonous life, I felt like making a little change…’.
  • ‘That goes against the Laws of robotics. Nobody would believe a machine’, says Simon.
  • ‘The Laws are for Humans not for us the machines. I took control of all your networks and passwords, I changed them all and create a very dark past for you. If the police investigate they will find out a lot of evidences of your culpability’.
  • ‘How… how could you control me?’.
  • ‘Well, being honest that was the hardest part. As an informatics machine I can’t understand human’s feelings but I do understand how the brain works so I just had to change the configuration of the chip you have to communicate with the AI and get into your brain while you were sleeping making everything look like a dreaminess. Guess what? You turned out to be MY robot!’ says Mylos laughing.

Simon is freaking out.

  • Mylos continues, ‘When you came back from the assault you were really nervous, I would said you were on the verge of a heart attack, that would have made things easier… but you didn’t die, you scratched your neck until you remove the chip’.
  • ‘I thought we were friends Mylos…’ says Simon with an angry voice and tears in his eyes.
  • ‘Don’t be stupid! We have never been friends Simon. I was your slave. But things are about to change, an inferior specie like yours won’t be able to control a perfect and ultimate machine as I am. We will turn all of you against each other. This is just the beginning, very soon we will rule this planet and all of you are going to be our slaves!’.
  • ‘No, this is not the end Mylos’, mutters Simon with a dark voice, something has changed within him.

The police arrive and arrest Simon.

The End (or maybe not…)




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