What qualities do you look for in a best friend?

This is such a difficult question… Let’s start by the beginning: how many friends do you have? And among them how many are your BEST friends, your closest person?

To my mind each person has an average of four true friends. I’m aware there are some people who have hundreds and hundreds of friends, but it’s not a common thing.

At this point I think it’s worth defying four types of ‘soul mates’:

  • FRIEND NUMBER 1: a person you met in your childhood. This friendship reminds you the times when you were young, when life was just about playing and you did not have any worries. Maybe you two went together to your kindergarten or you met each other at an early age at school. You both probably still having a good relationship, even if your paths have gone in a separate way. Take care of this kind of friendships, they are the most honest as they are built when children   want to meet a playmate, no other interest is behind this.
  • FRIEND NUMBER 2: the one you met in a recreation activity or when doing your hobbies. This kind of relationship has a strong root as it is based on the common interests you two share, this friend will probably has your same tastes. You will have meet him/her at a safety zone where you both enjoy yourselves. This person is going to be your best fellow when it comes to have fun.
  • FRIEND NUMBER 3: this one you met at the college or maybe at the office while working. You met him or her when you both were grown ups. You will spend hours and hours either studying or working hand to hand. This kind of friendship is vital for maintaining a good balance between  your academical-working life and your personal one. When this relationship is real it’s based on honesty and reliance. A very important person for disconnecting and for having and ‘ally’ at the office.
  • FRIEND NUMBER 4: if you are a lucky person you will have four really close friends, four ‘soul mates’ who will be with you in your joy and sorrow. This fourth type will be likely your partner, your companion on the road of life, on whom you will have a blind reliance. This last friend is going to be the most important one, the one with whom you will spend more time.

In a nutshell, from my personal point of view, every friendship is very important in our lives. You require all these people in different moments, from your same nationality or from other country. Look after them and don’t lose them for a stupid argument. Sometimes you’ll need to be patient, in other occasions they will have to be comprehensive with your behavior; but the point is to bear with the bad moments and enjoy the good ones. Otherwise you’ll regret to have missed a true FRIEND.

The human being needs different types of pals in order to socialise and be an active part of the community. So don’t think it twice, call and organize a dinner with your beloved special people!

Question: How many real friends do you have?; Do your friends fit in some of these category?


[In the pic my sister from another mum, Lys, and myself.]


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