It was 9 am sharp and Liv was late for job thanks to the disturbing amount of cars in the downtown… When she finally reached the park where the photo shoot would take place she realised she had forgotten her notebook with all the information regarding the models, dresses and designers. It was the first time her boss gave her some real power and all was a complete mess!

Harry WinstonShe was on the verge of suffering a heart attack when one of the stylists, Mark, an old classmate of hers, came with a cappuccino and the jewel in the crown: an impressive Harry Winston necklace made of platinum and diamonds. He started to juggle with the jewel; Liv couldn’t believe her eyes, she almost chocked with the damn cappuccino! She was feeling overtaken by the entire situation and screamed at him. Mark started to laugh, Liv gave him an evil look; she didn’t know what to do. She was about to lose her job and her friend seemed to have gone mad. When he saw Liv’s face turned pale he stopped and explained that it was the fake jewel, the real one was in the model’s neck.

Liv breathed deeply.

C’mon Liv, do you really thought I was playing with a real Harry Winston?!?!

Mark, we should go and talk with the photographer. She said with a tense voice.

When they were on their way Mark stumbled and threw the necklace into a lake.

Thanks God it was not the real one!   Whispered Mark laughing.

Yes, ‘cause we’d be really fuck if it… Liv couldn’t finish the sentence Alex, the photographer came running to talk with her.

Liv, darling, I need the Harry Winston for the next pictures

But the genuine necklace is the one the model had, right?  Asked Mark.

No, that’s the fake one; we use it just to check the light.

Mark and Liv looked at each other with eyes wide open. Suddenly Liv began to run under the stunned gaze of Alex and jumped herself into the lake where Mark had dropped the necklace. She looked for it but Liv couldn’t see the Harry Winston. Everyone was looking at her; the responsible for the photo shoot of one of the most well-know magazines in the fashion world was taking a dip in the lake in the middle of January…

She looked at the infinity wondering about what would be her next job when she found a little boy playing with the jewel. She went out of the lake trembling, with algae in her hair and without one of her Louboutin’s.

Hi, would you give me that necklace, please? Asked Liv with her sweetest voice to the little blond boy who must be 7 years old.  

No, I’m an explorer and I found this thing from the Maya’s empire. Besides it sparkles, I like it!  Told the boy with his eyes scouting his discovery.  

Ok, listen, I’m gonna buy some candies for you and we’ll make an exchange, deal? 

I think I prefer to keep my discovery, thanks.

Uuuuum, well this one you have can’t be Maya because they worked with gold not with this material over here.  So… I have here a real Maya’s jewelry.

Liv took off a green and gold bracelet she bought in a Mexican street-market and gave it to the boy. The little boy looked to the bracelet and accepted the exchange nodding.

Liv came back to the set with the Harry Winston between her hands and with a smile in her face. But the editor-in-chief, Alana Brown, had seen the scene. She was tapping her heel on the ground, if looks could kill…





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