Myla is a woman in her middle sixties, tall, very thin and with a long white hair always tied in a bun.
Although she’s not a teen, she still having that bright in her dark gray eyes when she thinks of Tom.
She dresses up and goes to the theater every Friday to attend the ballet show. Every time she watches the dancing silhouettes she remembers how gracious she could move; how she became one of the main dancers of her company, how she climbed the summit and then she fell down from it. And every time the show ends, a teardrop rolls down her face.

Ballet dancer
In spite of the years, Myla remains attractive and elegant in her movements. She doesn’t like to wear a lot of make up; she used cover her face with layers and layers of make-up when she performed, now she feels like being just natural.

house roses

She lives alone in the countryside, in a small house with a beautiful garden full of red roses. She doesn’t have a family; she lost everything 30 years ago: her love, her child and her career. Myla follows the same habits every day: she wakes up at 8 o’clock sharp, then she takes a shower and she has just a black tea and a tomato toast for breakfast.
Myla cleans up the house and goes out to her garden to tend the flowers. Once her house is perfect she goes to the village where she buys bread and fresh fruit. She barely speaks with anyone, she’s a lonely person. Myla doesn’t like to share her feelings, a difficulty she has always had which has caused her numerous problems.

She knows her end is near and that day, she will be as lonely as the last 30 years of her empty life…



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